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Tina MorkertName:
Tina Morkert

Contact Info:
Cell: 406-210-1123, Email:

Broker Associate and Creator of Realty Northwest

How long with Realty Northwest:
Since 1998, when it was born.

What I like best about working at Realty Northwest:
My favorite environment for work consists of the following ingredients: an unusual mixture of creative individuals working fiercely as a team to provide the best service possible to our amazing clients, a drive to always improve and innovate, a passion and caring to meet and exceed our incredible clients' wants and desires, and a fun, exciting workplace! That's what I love!

Favorite Realty Northwest moment:
I've loved and learned from them all.

What I like to do when I'm not working:
Sing gregorian chant, learn the lute and piano, garden, experiment with fermenting and preserving the beautiful bounty the garden so generously offers, drink in the serenity of nature, create from my heart, learn from the beautiful souls out there that possess a wealth of information and are generous enough to share it, enjoy each moment and laugh!

What I like most about living in Montana:
The inspiration that the scenery in beautiful northwestern Montana brings is really incredible. Also, there's nothing better weather wise, than a Montana summer. My friends in Montana are truly irreplaceable. One has the good fortune of being completely natural here and that brings out the beauty in most far more than any socially engineered refinements.

My favorite Montana memory:
As a girl, my sister and I lived the carefree life of growing up tubing the creek, rolling those tubes back at least a mile along a gorgeous gravel county road among towering pines and few residents, with most of our greetings along the adventure being our furry or feathered forest friends. We ran around in the woods like wild hooligans among the deer, elk, skunk, coyotes and other lovely forest creatures, whom did their best to conceal themselves in our bold, adventurous presence. We would come in when we were thoroughly exercised, imaginations full and bellies bawling for some of mum's home cooked meals. What a beautiful way to grow up, sheltered from that which isn't natural, spectacularly beautiful and inspiring. Thank you mum and dad for choosing such a rich environment and such inspiring characters as our teachers growing up.

My favorite Montana photo:
It is hard to take a photo here that doesn't put most post cards to shame. :)

Defining moments in my life:
Oh, there are so many! A) When I was 19 and 20 years old and decided that my life is the sum of my choices with all of the responsibility for the outcome landing squarely on my shoulders and reaching deep within myself to clearly see why I made the choices I made and if they truly came from within or were the product of muddy filters in place due to my environment and upbringing. I systematically went through my beliefs, habits, goals and decision-making processes and threw out all that was not from within, removing layers of filters applied by others whose thoughts vary drastically from my own. In a sense, it was like a spring cleaning of the soul. Then I decided to look at the world through a filterless, childlike naivity (to the extent this is possible) and judge solely from within. This was a life-altering course of thought that brought tremendous change in my life. My ruling thought at the time: Choose mentors in life that have exercised methods in the area of my wish to grow that have led to success in those areas. My true belief is that one can certainly learn from others and gather advice(look at their outcome in these areas first), but that all decisions should be based on your own mind and heart. All we need is within us. B) When Paige Wilson, one of my favorite humans of all time, said to me, 'Tina, let's make a deal. I won't help you, if you don't help me.' Why, at times, we decide to interrupt the flow of other's lives when they have carefully thought through their plans, thinking that we can help them to make a better decision about the life they live every day, I will never know, but it happens. C) When we formed a book club with three wonderful women and myself in some of my toughest years. These three incredible women taught me a wealth of information that I will cherish always. They taught me to love, replace my anger-fueled drive with one of love for my fellow man/woman, and many other invaluable lessons. We still share in our thoughts and they have become some of my most valued friendships. Our age differences are up to 36 years, with our most wise and incredible member turning 70 beautiful years this year!

Where I see myself 20 years from now:
In 20 years, I shall be creating, that activity which most gives me joy! Perhaps there'll be fields of herbs and other exotic ingredients for my herbal mead preservation project, working out every day through natural endeavors (keeps you young!), and loving life as I do today. In 40 years, I intend to be a wild lavender-rinsed broad, living with other eccentric old broads, of active mind, body and soul, in an incredibly beautiful setting with a research lab tucked away and libraries in every room of the house. I'll be doing research at a nearby university or hospital and will have finished naturopathic school and have helped others improve their lives in my day after a beautiful real estate career in my youth, a glorious study in human nature and the lives of semi-retired people trying to find their way into retirement who have lived rich and varied lives! I'll be sitting in my rocking chair on the patio, looking at my incredibly anal collection of electronic memories created along the way: photos, video and journal entries, laughing and smiling and enjoying an herbal tea concoction created from wildcrafted plant teachers plucked from the rich landscape that is the property under my loving care.

Who I look up to and/or admire:
I admire Rodin, Michelangelo and Beethoven for the single-minded focus, honing their talents and creating such exquisite art from the very depths of their souls. I admire the Dalai Lama for his compassion. And there are just so many authors that have inspired me and changed my life that the list would be endless!

If I had the resources and ability to change anything in the world.?
This feels a bit like a Miss America Pageant. . . but ok, it would be delightful if all humans could see their true potential and spend their days joyfully creating rather than in the suffering that so many are subjected to. I would work to alleviate all forms of suffering that inhibit the creating process, even though I must admit that some forms of suffering actually inspire creation.

My favorite author(s):
There are SOOOOOO many, but the books that most glaringly spoke to my soul were those written by Ayn Rand, a brilliant and very opinionated INTJ author.

Favorite quote(s):
Again, there are SOOOOO many, but as applies to the real estate world. . . Peter Drucker's 'The quality of your service is not what you put into it, but what the customer gets out of it.'

Favorite musical artist(s):
Again, there a SOOOOO many, Anonymous 4 for chant, Beethoven for classical, KT Tunstall for new artists, Chris Cornell for groovy tunes, Andrea Bocelli for male vocals, BB King for blues, Ella Fitzgerald. . . etc., etc., etc.,

Favorite song(s):
There must be trillions. . . . Salve Regina.

Favorite celebrity(s):

Favorite actor/actress:
Audrey Hepburn

Favorite tv show(s):
I don't watch tv.

Favorite movie(s):
The Green MIle

Favorite sports figure(s):

Favorite food(s):
Chocolate when I'm bad, Green food when I'm good.

Favorite dessert(s):
Anything Ro Fundum creates!

Pet Peeve(s):

The lack of exercising one's talents and gifts. The lack of understanding of our human potential. I'm working on it though!!!!!


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