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Thompson Falls, Montana Information

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site during your busy search for real Montana real estate.!
Realty Northwest is located in the scenic town of Thompson Falls, Montana, the Sanders County seat, about 100 miles NW of Missoula, Montana. This page focuses on Thompson Falls, Montana. For info on other towns in Northwest Montana, Please visit our Living in Montana page.

Located in the Clark Fork Valley approximately 100 miles NW of Missoula, Thompson Falls has the mildest climate in Montana. At an elevation of 2419', Thompson Falls has an average of 20 inches of precipitation per year, and an average of 115 frost free days. It is known as part of the "Banana Belt" of NW Montana.The climate along with its breathtaking scenery make this quaint little town an ideal place to live, or visit. Thompson Falls is surrounded by millions of acres of National Forest providing endless recreation opportunities for camping, wild life viewing, berry & mushroom picking, and much more! The reservoir created by the dam on the Clark Fork River provide un crowded fishing, boating, swimming and other water recreation. Several boat accesses are available.
With a population of around 2100, Thompson Falls is the perfect sized community for those who enjoy a small town atmosphere, and has all the amenities needed for everyday living!


Thompson Falls Montana was named after David Thompson, the British explorer, geographer and fur trader. He was called the Koo Koo Sint (star gazer) by the Indians. He established a fur trading post, the 'Saleesh House', in 1809. The Saleesh House was used sporadically until the 1820s, and mostly by employees. The Saleesh House is no longer in existence.

Thompson Falls Park SceneThere was little activity in the area until 1881 and the coming of the railroad. The few inhabitants of the town felt they were being neglected by the Railroad, so they decided to get attention for themselves. They piled logs on the railway, and forced the train to stop. The townspeople then boarded the train to persuade passengers to settle in Thompson Falls. One of the crew stayed behind and built the first home within the present town site. Soon after in 1883, the gold rush hit Couer D'Alene mines came and the town grew to accommodate the men going over the Murray trail to the mines. In 1885 John Russell bought 40 acres and platted the townsite.

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Thompson Falls Montana is located in a beautiful valley, along on the scenic Clark Fork River. Named for the river's natural falls, you can enjoy this setting at Thompson Falls State Park. The Clark Fork River, a tributary of the Columbia runs the length of the Valley in and is ideal for water sports, with three reservoirs open to the public. The county encompasses the cabinet Mountain Wilderness and three National Forests. A hunting and fishing dreamland, the town is loaded with wildlife, and is home to spectacular mountain vistas in all directions that will take your breath away! Other attractions in the area include the Historic Jail Museum, Wild Goose Landing Park and Recreation Center, Bighorn Sheep Viewing Thomspon Falls DamStation, Graves Creek Falls, and the scenic Blue Slide area.

Within close proximity are Glacier National Park, the Ross Creek Giant Cedars, Flathead Lake and Lake Pend Oreille. This quiet portion of Montana with its lush green Valleys, rugged mountains, lakes and streams offer a lifestyle of tranquility away from the centers of large industry, congestion, and pollution. Quaint Communities lie nestled in the valleys and along the banks of both the Clark Fork River and the Flathead River close enough for comfort yet far enough apart to feel uncrowded. Realty Northwest is proud to offer a variety of Montana real estate in Thompson Falls, as well as in many other NW Montana towns.


On average, the warmest month is July. The highest recorded temperature was 107°F in 1961. The average coolest month is January.
The lowest recorded temperature was -30°F in 1990. The maximum average precipitation occurs in December.
While areas of western Sanders County receive in excess of 36" average annual precipitation, the eastern communities of the county may experience less than 10", making them fairly arid. The wettest area of Montana, and the driest area of Montana, are both located within Sanders County!

Month Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Avg. Precip Record High Record Low
January 35°F 22°F 28°F 2.59 in. 58°F (1989) -22°F (1979)
February 43°F 25°F 34°F 2.04 in. 71°F (1995) -16°F (1956)
March 52°F 29°F 41°F 1.78 in. 80°F (2004) -5°F (1956)
April 63°F 34°F 48°F 1.51 in. 93°F (1987) 15°F (2002)
May 71°F 41°F 56°F 2.27 in. 99°F (1986) 24°F (1972)
June 78°F 47°F 63°F 2.17 in. 100°F (2003) 32°F (2002)
July 88°F 51°F 69°F 1.22 in. 106°F (1994) 35°F (1971)
August 88°F 50°F 69°F 1.22 in. 107°F (1961) 32°F (1965)
September 77°F 42°F 60°F 1.20 in. 105°F (1988) 20°F (1985)
October 61°F 35°F 48°F 1.66 in. 88°F (1987) -2°F (2002)
November 43°F 29°F 36°F 2.66 in. 74°F (1999) -13°F (1959)
December 35°F 23°F 29°F 2.75 in. 58°F (1965) -30°F (1990)


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State of Montana                                               (406) 444-2511

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Jerome Well Drilling                                            (406) 549-1383

Cyclone Drilling (Bigfork)                                     (406) 982-3745

All West Drilling                                                  (406) 883-3151

Ace Drilling                                                         (406) 883-3300

Camp Well Drilling and Pump Service                    (406 549-3411


Northern Lights                                                   (800) 326-9594

Northwestern Energy                                          (888)467-2669


Dennis Newman                                                  (406)827-4884

Glenn Haas                                                          (406) 827-4820

Anthony Train                            (406) 827-1504/ (406) 369-7883

Jason Brown                                                        (406) 827-9473


Cenex                                                                  (406) 827-3498

Thompson River Heating                                    (406) 827-3735

Jerry Huff                                                            (406) 827-9584

A Specialty Heating and Cooling                        (406) 827-4448

Advanced Systems                                               (406) 847-2781

Dave Godfrey                                                       (406) 827-2621


Cenex                                                                   (406) 827-3498

Amerigas                                                              (406) 827-3911

Cabinet MT Propane                                            (406) 827-9356

Axmen                                                                  (406) 214-8828


Blackfoot Telecommunications                           (800) 760-3079


Jon Yoder                                                             (406) 827-9663

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Stanley Schrock                                                    (406) 847-3360


Frank Tremper                            (406) 543-0072/ (406) 360-7786

Chris Holliday                                                      (406) 542-0773 


Norm Meyers                                                      (406) 531-2937

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Jons Cedar Fencing                    (406) 827-4552/ (406) 396-9549


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